Re-beginning a career in your 50's is interesting... My photography served a great purpose in my early marriage, putting my husband through graduate school and supplementing the family income. But as the demands of homeschooling six children and building a house took over, my photography slowed down. Now, I'm re-beginning!

Photography however has changed. Photoshop instead of darkroom... Marketing via the web... No film, just pixels! You would think that all these changes would make it easier. However, there's some maxim about 'old dogs'....

What I do find exhilarating is that the art of photography is still the same, no matter how the tools have changed. Lighting still draws my eye like a magnet. Composition pleases or excites. Color screams. Classic black & white pleasures. Posing speaks volumes. And people - people still beg & yet challenge me to capture some little part of their essence, of who they are or why they do the things they do.

It's a challenge I love.

I accept!